The Questions We Get Asked the Most

How does the initial process of getting a quote work? 

Once you contact our office we will set up a time Debbie to come out to your home and meet with you.   At that initial appointment we will discuss your plans and review your many options.  Typically, we will have a price back to you within 10 days of our meeting.  Our proposals are very detailed and will include various options and allowances that will help you achieve the plans you have envisioned, while being conscience of your budget. 

How does the payment schedule work? 

Typically there is a down payment to hold your spot on our schedule, and then the total cost of the project will be broken down into payments that will coincide with the work that is accomplished.  This way you are never paying for work that has not yet been completed.  We understand the value of keeping your money in your pocket as long as you can.

How far does your schedule book out?  

Once we have presented our proposal and you have finalized your plan, the next step is to sign our contract Once that contract is signed you are placed on our schedule.  We do everything in our power to accommodate your expectations regarding the project start date.  Often that date is dependent on material leads times such as cabinets, windows and customer fixtures.      

How will my family life be affected during the project? 

It would be unfair to say your daily routine will not be affected by your project, but we are very aware of the challenges our customers face.  Our crew typical starts at 8:00 and ends their day at 4:30.  During that time there will be noise and activities you are not use to having in your personal space.  We have long standing business and personal relationships with everyone who works on our projects and we can assure you they are friendly, professional   and will make every effort to accommodate you during the process. Building temporary walls to control dirt, being especially aware of children and pets, keeping work areas clean and organized, protecting floors and personal items  are some examples of what we will do to ensure your family can continue as normal routine as is possible.